Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Fledgling Selfie

When Beatrice and I returned home after our dawn walk, we came upon an unexpected visitor. A young Northern Mockingbird fledgling was marching back and forth in front of our storm door. I believe that the little creature saw its own reflection in the storm door. Oblivious to us, it kept trying to get at the reflected fledgling bird it in the glass.

Beatrice in the main ignores birds. They lack the thrilling interest for her that rabbits, squirrels and mice inspire. She sometimes barks a bit at mourning doves, but only because they give a satisfying noise as they fly away. Otherwise, mark Beatrice as indifferent to birds.

But this little fledgling caught even her interest. We stood in the front yard and watched. Soon another Northern Mockingbird appeared. This adult occupied the parent role. The older bird first made various noises trying to catch the fledgling's attention. Then the parent hopped onto the nearby crape myrtle tree to warn us off.

We just stood there. We waited for the fledgling to see us and run away. But it never did. Finally, we left it to its selfie-obsession and went around the house to enter through the back door.

I got a solid bit of work done today. Then I watched a Snowy Egret and a Little Blue Heron at Bethany Lakes Park. Tonight we watched Yvonne de Carlo and Burt Lancaster in "Criss Cross". We had never seen a film with Ms. de Carlo as a young actress,but only knew her television work as Lily Munster in "The Munsters". She was great to watch, a kind of B movie femme fatale.

Now we are watching a documentary about the Van Cliburn piano competition, and enjoying our evening.

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