Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Penguins love enchiladas

Three of my on-line postal chess games are starting to wrap up at once. In one, I have an attack I believe will be decisive. In another, I am getting picked apart, being now a pawn down but with worse to come. In the third, I am slipping into somewhat worse, though not yet dire, circumstances.

We dined out tonight at San Miguel,where the chicken enchiladas verde flowed like a rainforest. I am trying to decide which outdoors thing to do tomorrow, besides walking young Bea. The weather is to be quite hot, so I want to get up early, go, do and be home before the real heat hits.

I am pleased that the indiegogo for the CSE Penguins is off to a dashing start. These middle schoolers run a computer club whose goals include recycling computers, installing Linux on them, and giving them to folks in their MN area or even a sister city class in Thailand. Their crowdfund seeks funds to buy refurbished computers and replenish the school's own computer stock. I approve of its focus on recycled computers and on teaching Linux skills, so I donated. I like for schools to be about helping makers do more than passive tablet spectators watch media.

Beatrice talked to me this afternoon, using the little sub-verbal vocalizations she sometimes uses when addressing people. It "worked", as I paid lots of attention to her.

It's been so hard to decide whether to bicycle in my neighborhood, drive ninety minutes for a real change of scenery or to drive 20 minutes to a city park. Of such choices are days made.

My current science fiction is a bit more pulpy than the past several I've read, but perhaps that's not a bad change of pace.

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