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I recently went to the local tax appraisal district office for an administrative hearing on the value of our property. Prices in our area are on the upswing, but our 1/1/2015 valuation swung up above market value. We filed an appeal, with the help of data our realtor from 14 years ago gathered for us. We had reasonable comps and an accurate story to present.

I try cases for a living, so it was interesting to try an administrative hearing as to our own property. The whole thing was well-organized. At sign-in, the clerk scanned in our documentary evidence. Then the hearing was before a three-citizen panel, with panel, clerk, and the two opposing sides all blessed with computer monitors to review all the evidence.

I was pleased to put on an organized case, though with hindsight I see a few ways I could have put on a better case with a little more advance legwork. We got a reduction in the valuation as a result of the hearing, though not as much reduction as we had taken the position we should receive. The whole trial took 15 minutes, and went smoothly. I thought it was fun, but I like to try cases, even if they are cases involving 15 minute hearings about three digit swings in tax bills.

The cold I picked up in Scotland has nearly receded. Tomorrow I fly to Pittsburgh for one of those evening meeting/morning meeting/fly out again quick trips. Tonight when I walked in Shawnee Park, the water department had opened the fire hydrants and let the water flow.

The news is full of photos of Pluto. My ereader is charged. I read the Linux Voice article about 59 Linux distributions. I love being back in numbingly hot weather.

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