Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The 6th from the last American patriot

My 5:00 conference call stretched until 6:20, after which I began the frantic drive to my polling place. I just made it by 7:00, fitting in as the 6th person from the back of the line. As one of the marital pair of two (2) Democrats in Collin County, Texas, I felt that I had to show up and throw my vote for the folks whose views mostly closely match my own.

The wait was one hour and thirty minutes. We're talking all of Buffy. We're talking most of Smallville. I considered my patriotic duty more important than television.

The statewide races here ceased being close, but I did get to vote for the arts center bond issue and for the senior citizen center bond issue. I was joking with a fellow in line--these are my issues: libraries, hiking trails, access to Broadway plays featuring former gymnasts and skaters, schools, and museums.
Sign me up for those, and for anything that feeds the poor.

I couldn't help but think, though, that in the time I was waiting in line, I could have written 2,000 words.

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