Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

app and applicability

Another warm day with no hint of rain until Friday. June moves in decidedly non-mysterious ways.
I walked in Breckinridge Park at Noon. I snapped a very short video of a Great Egret wading and foraging.

Two young women rode up on pastel colored cruiser bicycles. They asked me to take their picture together. They handed me a Canon digital camera, much nicer than mine. It easily focused on them, and I snapped three pictures, with the third inclusive of bicycles. They thanked me. Their English was very good, with only a hint of German (or perhaps Danish). I wondered if they were students or tourists.

I picked up dry cleaning on the way home. I have planes to catch and bills to pay this week.
My favorite Jane Austen novel is "Sense and Sensibility". I am slowly working on this bit of thing that needs doing and that.I read up on Weight Watchers, to learn that its attendance nation-wide is substantially off. The world is now done by app and gadget.

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