Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

helsing and a flowing stream

I took an early morning walk with Beatrice. I read up on proper cords and converters in the United Kingdom. The day turned warm around 11 a.m. I walked in Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco, where I saw Firewheel Flowers in bloom, and a very green-striped Eastern Spiny Whiptail lizard. I loved the gentle flow of Rowlett Creek. I also stopped by Green Park in Allen, where I saw Brown-Headed Cowbirds and Northern Mockingbirds.

In the mid-afternoon, I watched the movie "Van Helsing" on television. I saw this movie in the theater in May 2005 with my nephew. We enjoyed this mock-horror film, a kind of homage to the old Hammer horror films. The movie features Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale. I loved Kate Beckinsale in her early film "Cold Comfort Farm" so seeing her with a Transylvanian accent in a vampire hunter film was interesting. A few years later she made a fortune playing a hip vampire. Less than two weeks after we saw the film, my nephew unexpectedly passed away. Monday is the eleventh anniversary of his passing.

I did have a nice phone chat on something completely unrelated with my other local nephew today.

I wrote in my LiveJournal on May 24, 2004:

"It's hard to believe that my younger brother's son will be sweating out the SATs and doing college campus visits soon."

On May 27, 2004 I wrote in my Livejournal, among a list of good things:

"The movie Van Helsing, to which I took my 16 year old nephew as a lark, which was every bit as much fun, silly awfulness as I hoped. They should make all horror movies this kind of non-scary fun."

and also:

"The way the rain drenched my nephew and I, so that we went into the theater looking like we'd been dousing at the dunking booth by a particular eagle-eyed little league hurler."

A decade and a year later, and he is never forgotten.

I picked up shirts at the dry cleaners, and dropped off more shirts. My job involves a lot of dry cleaning. I stopped at Petco to buy pill pockets for Beatrice's medicine. The nice woman named Megan behind the counter gave me an extra cents-off coupon. I spent the late afternoon cleaning up my car. I made progress but have much more work to do.

We ate dinner at Zoe's Kitchen, where I had a tomato bisque cup, a fruit plate and a lean turkey pizza. Then we went for frozen yogurt at Yogurtville. A duo was singing the Beatles song "Penny Lane" to the tune of a guitar and a glockenspiel.

We sat outside on our patio as it turned dark, and the planets Venus and Jupiter appeared, bright in the sky.

We rented the movie "St. Vincent", which we loved, and then I came upstairs to edit video of wildflowers and write this post.

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