Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

celluloid zero

Last night I got a bit of good news about a small section of a song I recorded some years ago being an incidental part of the soundtrack on an indie film. I had seen the director's past small indie film, and we communicated after I wrote an Amazon review or some such. She picked up one of my songs for use as incidental music in her new film. It's already had some showings, but the big release to a streaming service is in June. I spent late last night and some of this evening on the virtual paperwork, which is minor but a bit new to me. As a Creative Commons artist and a lawyer, I am struck by how Creative Commons culture both solves a lot of issues and raises a lot of questions when juxtaposed with rights culture. I still like to share.

Today the weather turned cool and rainy. My shoes got a tad muddy at lunch. I wrote a long email of my theory of a dilemma that was both a bit abstract and very real. The news is talking about biker gangs threatening police officers. I am ready to have a good Friday, and a great three day weekend.

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