Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

My favorite Summer song

I thought tonight about my favorite Summer song. When I reached high school and college age, the answer was obvious. My favorite Summer song then was Thin Lizzy's pop-rock anthem, "The Boys are Back in Town". I felt it was the ideal song for driving on a deep-dark cool breeze July night with my friends. The guitar line alone made me happy, with its sense of quiet exultation. Never mind that the fellows in the song lived their lives with a bit of rogue-ish charm I lacked and lack. The song just felt like Summer to me.

Our current weather alternates rain-and-28-degrees-Celsius with partly-cloudy-and-29.5 degrees Celsius. Summer comes easily to mind during Texas Spring weather.

Tonight during my drive home, I turned my cell phone to the Google Play Music app. I chose the option that is or sounds like "I feel lucky", where Google Music plays songs it imagines, having tracked one's listening and uploading, that one likes. The choices it made for me tonight served me well. If they were a little more melodic and less ambient than my usual favorites, that was fine.

Then, with the kind of psychic accuracy that either comes from deep insight or from Google knowing everything about me, the app pulled up my current favorite Summer song. Unlike the upbeat, street-fighting optimism of "The Boys are Back in Town", it's a rueful, electro-laced
tongue-in-cheek bit of Summer flirtation.The song is titled "Smile for Me, Sun". The group is called Adam and Alma, and its singer, Helen Arkbro, is from Sweden. Their EP "Back to the Sea" is one of my favorite netlabel electro-pop album. The song is posted at the Free Music Archive. I embed it below:

These days my tastes run to lots of things some might call experimental and less charitable observers might just call dissonant and weird. But I always smile for "Smile for Me, Sun".
Perhaps adulthood makes Summer a bit less of a party, and a bit more of a bittersweet mixed blessing. Or perhaps I just like a jaunty synth line and a knowing wink.

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