Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Law babes

Yesterday when I went to the mall to get Lenscrafters to once again unravel the odd abstract sculpture I have made of my glasses, the mall sported tons of kiosk ads for that David E. Kelley television show about the three twentysomething gorgeous women who happen to be killer lawyers in killer heels. This show has, by coincidence, just been canceled after two episodes. Maybe the TV viewing world has finally had enough of shows based only on the looks of the cast members and the feeble attempts to push envelopes which none of us are "enveloped" by in our everyday lives. Perhaps it is middle age and a lack of any particular physical charm that makes such shows seem more preternaturally boring than usual to me; it's certainly not a lack of appreciation for "good looks", but it does get boring when everything in life is about looks. Once upon a time the "girl next door" sidekicks were suitably ordinary-looking, but now even the sidekick is someone too attractive to believe. I won't belabor the double standards on age and appearance applied by gender, either, as they are pretty evident to everyone. But let's hope this cancelation is one more sign that "law babes" and "hot docs" and "cops with a great figure" are on the way out. Mr. Kelley has created one of TV's best "non-standard-issue" female characters, in a show that I otherwise find appallingly bad (i.e., "The Practice"). He should know better, and I hope this new show axing is one sign that viewers plan to teach show creators that we want a bit more than the girl from the personal skin care commercials.
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