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gnats caught

The rains fell from eleven p.m. well into the morning. When they abated, I took Beatrice for a walk in the park. Then I went to church at Suncreek UMC, where the hymn was a fine old Charles Wesley lyric, the handbell choir used muffled ring tones to sound out the syncopation in a spiritual, and the sermon featured a story of a father helping a son withstand the cruelty of uncomprehending other folks.

After the service, I stopped by Bethany Lakes Park and took pictures of the abundant House Sparrows there. House Sparrows are an invasive species from the UK, which compete with Eastern Bluebirds for habitat. So lots of folks dislike them, with some reason. But I find these little finches, misnomered as sparrows, to be interesting.

I then went to Brockdale Park beside Lake Lavon. A Spring of endless rain helps one forget how low this lake used to be. A fisherman had two surf rods posted. Another man readied himself to go kayaking. I walked and watched birds. I only saw seven species, but one was a first-of-the-year Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher. My eBird statistics for bird sightings are gradually increasing.

Back at home, I noticed two fledgling birds on our fence. One was a Common Grackle, whose mother kept bringing it little tidbits to eat. The fledgling beside it got no such valet service. I realized over time that the second fledgling was a Northern Mockingbird fledgling. I am not sure where its parent was occupied. I am intrigued that it is only mid-May and yet these fledglings can fly and are weeks from being out on their own.

A musician whose music I like, Lee Rosevere from Canada made a new song called "Thoughtful" from my song "Thoughts". I was very pleased with it--lots of more subtle textures than my as-usual simple bluntness provided. I am grateful to him for having fun with it. Ever since the song got posted on the Free Music Archive, download traffic has begun to increase. It's been a fun experience, so far, this new album thing.

I gained 1.4 pounds at Weight Watchers, despite counting my points plus fairly carefully. Usually, the marker of whether I gain or lose is not so much food as the sheer amount of exercise. Next week I will try to get more exercise.

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