Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

battery and tall weeds

Today sunny weather returned after days of rain.The news is full of tragedies in towns within a hundred miles from here.

I had to re-export the song I created yesterday due to a technical issue. I must do the same thing with the film soundtrack next.

I walked at lunch in Breckinridge Park. Eastern Kingbirds perched on tall weeds.

One of the curators of the Free Music Archive posted "Constellation Blackbird" there. I like the FMA. Here is the embed from that site:

FMA says I have 27 songs posted there now.

This evening I took Beatrice for a walk. My wife and I watched two episodes of "Touched by an Angel".

I got an eBay purchase in, an after-market new battery for my laptop that I snagged for 13 dollars and 20 cents. My old battery was inconsistent, but this one charges up nicely so far.

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