Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

monkey see, turtle do


I took Beatrice for a walk this morning. She loved seeing a rabbit and two squirrels. Her in-built predator instinct gets invoked, if not quite exercised.

My wife and I went to AAA Travel near us in Fairview. We got some good books on possible travel. Then we went to Zoe's, where I had a bowl of tomato bisque soup.
My wife went off to meet someone in her stock club to do some research. I headed to FedEx Office (i.e., Kinko's) to get my new passport photo taken. The fellow used an odd rectangular huge Sony camera. It took moments. The picture was better than my last one, but that is a low standard.

I headed to the Heard Natural Science Center. The intense rain last night made the trails wet,but the Wood Duck Trail features boards over the wet woods and a wooden walkway over the wetlands.The wetlands was past wet and deep in water. Though it is Spring migration, I mostly saw year-round birds (a Ruby-throated Hummingbird excepted). I did see lots of Great Egrets on their rookery. I saw lots of Red-Eared Slider Turtles. Slider turtles get their names because they slide into the water when humans come near. I saw 13 species of birds, with the most interesting being a Carolina Chickadee who seemed as interested in me as I was in it.

This evening we dined at Pollo Tropical. Then we went to see the Disney Nature film "Monkey Kingdom". We really liked it. I hope that Disney Nature does a prairie movie eventually, even if Bison and Prairie Dogs lack that simian appeal. I love nature documentaries.

After the movie,we hit a yogurt shop. Then I came home to log in my food into the Weight Watchers tracker. It looks like I have done well this week. We'll see if that shows up on the scales tomorrow.

A week of rain may have finally elevated the lakes. Pete Delus the weatherman's twitter shows Lake Lavon is only .6 feet low. I am so happy--we need the drought to end. I may drive there tomorrow morning, just to see water literally under the bridges. Last night the rain kept us in, as the possibility of intense wind accompanied the storm (though we were spared). We ate cheese ravioli and roast asparagus. We watched, somewhat reluctantly on my part, the Bruce Jenner interview. I thought the interview was a good step after all, though my dislike of Kardashian-connected media gave me a strong skepticism.

Tonight I shall read my book and get a good night's sleep.

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