Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

to Bethany and Back

This morning I rode my bicycle from the trailhead on Ridgeview Drive of the Watters Creek Trail, less than a mile from our home, to its conclusion at Bethany Drive, and back. This eight-mile round trip ride took me 110 minutes to accomplish. I stopped at the small Dayspring Nature Preserve as I traveled in each direction. I kept a log of the birds I spotted. The only surprising entry among the 13 species was a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, whom I would have guessed to have already departed for Canada.But there it was, flitting from branch to branch swiftly, as they do.

I really enjoyed the ride. I must next figure out if the trailhead on Bethany offers me access to other trails that would get me onto the neighboring town Plano's extremely extensive trail system. If so, I could literally travel huge swathes of our area via bicycle without ever risking a road.

I had a pleasant blast-from-the-past brief telephone call today. The young man who was my first little brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program reconnected, some six years after the mentoring arrangement had ceased. He wanted to reconnect, so we made plans to get together the next time his work schedule permits, and do a spot of fishing.

I gained a little weight at Weight Watchers this week. This did not shock me, as I did not get as much exercise on Saturday as I usually do. I am still down 71 pounds since the first day I went to Weight Watchers, many years ago. But for the last few months I have been hovering between 5 and 10 pounds above the goal weight my doctor set for me.

I do not assiduously track the food I eat in the way the program suggests. I rarely deviate from the foods I know by heart, and usually just make sure my "points plus count" is right each day. But I decided to resume tracking everything I eat to ensure more rigorously that I am "on track".

I got a nice facebook messenger note from an old friend,catching up a bit because we have not spoken in a while. I wrote him back--we'll try to get together in the next several weeks.

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and only the soggy soil remainds anyone that hail and high winds pelted us last night.

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