Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

black and white and bluebonnet

Tonight our friends Scott and Donna came to visit us and returned my mountain dulcimer. This dulcimer stayed at their home during our recent renovation. The rain fell tonight. Earlier, we ate Mexican food at San Miguel. The owner told us how he got such a great collection of art on his walls--he met the local artists' community, and they all worked well together--sometimes things were sold from the walls, oftentimes the artists went on to other things. I like restaurant art because it's all about what one likes, and not what one should like.

Tonight I saw a migrating bird called a Black and White Warbler. This was my first such sighting this year. I thought about driving tomorrow to see Yellow-Headed Blackbirds at Hagerman NWR,but my wife and I are seeking out bluebonnets in bloom instead.

I read four chapters of my science fiction last night. We talked with our friends tonight about the British elections and Bob Dylan (I was harsher about his repertoire than I should have been). Our friends told us about spending their wedding anniversary at the Meadows Museum. I love that art museum, on the SMU campus. I joked with them, asking if they also toured the nearby George W. Bush presidential museum. They advised me that Hell had not yet frozen over.

I like generic raisin bran. I dislike self-promoters who pontificate about legal writing. My wife likes the music of Jack White.

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