Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

of goats and walks

For some reason, today I walked and walked. I walked Beatrice first thing in the morning. She quite enjoyed the cool weather. Then I walked at Murphy City Park. I saw a man walk his two dogs, which dogs briskly pulled him along. I told him that the dogs were having a good time, and he said "shut up". But he did not mean "shut up", he meant to say "my dogs have their fun and insist we go the same way each time", which is close to what he did say after "shut up". I had forgotten that "shut up" can be a term of agreement. As I was about to leave, a father and son came up to me. The son carried lasso. "Have you seen a goat?", they asked. I had not. Apparently, a goat was missing. Murphy City Park is more suburban than rural, but apparently at least one goat lives nearby. The boy twirled his lasso as they hunted the goat.

I walked at Bethany Lakes Park. I went to Weight Watchers. Then I walked at Limestone Quarry Park. At each place, I took notes on the birds I saw. I saw lots of birds, but none of them were unexpected. At one point, I thought I saw a Painted Bunting, which would be quite early. But it turned out to be a House Finch standing behind a green leaf.

Over an early dinner, I watched on Twitter as Jordan Spieth won the Master's professional golf title, as the results were discussed, tweet by tweet. I was intrigued how many tweets proclaimed a desire to date or marry Mr. Spieth as he closed in on the Master's title. A similar curious phenomenon took place with on-line commenters to the US Womens' Chess Championship who focus on the women players' physical beauty rather than the beauty of their games. I suppose people are people, though--definitely including me.

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