Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The power of positive nonsense

The day got off to a really bright and creative start when I took a chance at dawn to read the mail that had come in for me during my trip. In addition to the new Jeff Pearce CD, Bleed, which I am dying to hear, I got this incredible art from sortofkindof. I've been so fortunate since I began doing the mail art thing. It's been such fun, and people are just so darned talented, it leaves me in awe.

I made it into the office today at a startlingly early time, and began to add to my novel-in-progress. I also got some work done, and had a nice meal of fried catfish at the local Furr's cafeteria. When I left, my novel exceeded 17,000 words. For some reason, it is still flowing from me as quickly as poetry or journal entries do. I am amused that it has very little plot and virtually no characters, but I am having great fun with the resulting ruminations. I want to see if I can get over the 25,000 word mark on tomorrow, as "half done" sounds like fun to me. I love that LiveJournal has disclipined me into writing lots of words unself-consciously. I also love that my narrative voice is not that different from my LJ voice (or even my "in a good mood and ready to chat" real life voice). I am on an endless ramble, and we shall see if I reach a waterfall, or merely walk aimlessly on a long, dusty road. I am the sort of person who runs out of gasoline on remote rural highways, and suddenly I am reminded of walking outside Hope, Arkansas on a Thanksgiving Day some sixty miles from my parents' home, when a man delivering turkey dinners to shut-ins was kind enough to pick me up and take me to a gas station. Even clueless rambles can result in the most amazing journeys sometimes. Parenthetically, I love that scene in Woody Allen's movie Broadway Danny Rose when the down on his luck talent agent serves turkey TV dinners to his down on their luck novelty act clients. There's something life affirming and real about that; give me TV turkey dinners and a heart anyday.

I picked up my photos of last weekend's hike on the Spring Creek trail today. They came out great! The creek was so high from the recent rains,that it masquerades as a river in the photos. Leaf colors show, and the paths through the woods look stunning. I must get more corruplast cards. I must share my Autumn with everyone. I wish I had had a camera in WV, but I didn't bring any of my 2 for 5 dollar throwaways, and didn't have time to pick up any there. Perhaps next October we can go to WV for the leafy season, although parts of much closer Oklahoma are in leaf even as we speak, and maybe I should set my sites on places to which I can easily drive.

Tonight we went to see "Real Women have Curves", which is an utterly charming small movie about a recent high school grad dealing with the false pressure to be "thin" while trying to make her way from the family's LA garment industry business into an education. The plot in this movie was good but quite conventional, yet the movie was really redeemed by two factors. One was that the Los Angeles in this movie bears some actual resemblance to Los Angeles as it is lived, which is so rare in movies about that city. The second is that the acting was uniformly strong. We loved to escape into a little world, from which we emerged reluctantly, but happily.

We then headed over to Italian Villa, the neighborhood "small Italian" place. There is never a wait there, the service is courteous, the prices are cheap and everything is entirely informal. I prefer this kind of neighborhood Italian to a "nice" Italian restaurant any day.

Then we headed over to Java and Cha, the coffee shop down the street which my wife visits frequently. I don't really drink coffee, so I ordered a huge hot chocolate, which is welcome because I did not get much sleep on the road, and the weather here is a bit rainy and cool. A worker there is giving a jazz vocal concert, but I ran out of personal energy during the instrumental portion of the program, so my wife drove me the 2 minutes back to our home and then headed back to hear the woman sing. I wish I could have stayed; it sounded fun. If I were a jazz singer, I'd ask the band to strike up "Mountain Greenery",because I just like the idea of being 'way above the scenery'.

Now I'm too tired to do anything, but I'm not yet ready to sleep.
Maybe I can novel in 1500 more words.....

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