Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

one thing at a time

Beatrice let me know at 6:30 a.m. that she felt it was time we woke up. Before I left for work, I threw her stuffed carrot. I stopped at McDonald's on my way to work to eat an oatmeal for breakfast.

The weather moved from recent gloom to proper March warmth and sun. I got an email from my optometrist, saying his office was being moved suddenly. I wondered if the chain place next to his office faces closure in our shopping area, or if he intends to strike out without that frames chain in tow.

I stopped by Murphy City Park at lunch. The City of Murphy is "improving" this park.
This appears to involve some concrete, some plowing up of ball fields, and some undefined changes. The birds did not seem to mind too much.

I count any day a success in which I make it to the gas station before the gas runs out. I got a nice message on Facebook the other day from someone I don't know who complimented my music. I volunteered to make a short film and to collaborate on a film.

Our house returned to normalcy because my wife returned home from the desert. Tonight I ate bananas and drank Diet Root Beer. We are watching about women in comedy on the PBS channel. When unimpressed by how much I accomplished last weekend, I thought to myself that I must accomplish one thing at a time, and today I made that my focus.

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