Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Shawnee to Rustic

I spent the morning with my young friend. He works most weekends these days, so we get together less often. At Movie Trading Company I bought nature show DVDs.

After Weight Watchers, I walked in Shawnee Park. I loved seeing the birds in the patch of riparian woods that meanders by the creek near the disc golf course. A foursome of earnest disc golfers impressed me with their playful seriousness about the game.
I stayed out of the way.

eastern bluebird 3 15 2015 shawnee

I tried to take a photo of the Brown Creeper, an aptly-named brown tree-creeping bird, but as usual, my picture was more creepy than creeper.

I took Beatrice for a walk and made her happy. I've been reading a website about British birds. I like the way that birds analogous to our local species have charming names.

Radio show journalists began to tell me about ISIS terrorist recruitment and social media with the kind of breathy awe that annoys me. Then I changed to WRR, the classical music station. I felt a sense of release while listening to Karl Goldmark's "Rustic Wedding Symphony". I wish that life (and hence the news) had fewer horror stories and more melodies.

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