Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dawn to dusk to chitty

We woke at dawn so that my wife could go catch a flight to Tucson. She is going to visit her parents, sister, nieces and nephew. I am too busy right now to go, but I am glad she is getting to go.

The rain fell today. This El Nino year holds a lot of water. We need it. We never quite recovered from the drought of 2009. We normally get 33 inches a year of rain, but that year we got less than 15 inches. In west Texas, things got really bleak, but here things were better but still thin on the water front.

I concluded a very busy work week in reasonably good order. I stopped by Breckinridge Park on my way home. I took lots of photos of Eastern Bluebirds. Then I stopped by Firewheel Coffee in Garland for a wonderful cup of hot chocolate. Finally, I went for chicken and broccoli at Tian An Mien Wok in Allen.

I just turned off Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, having decided not to watch the movie one more time, mid-way in. I read about the juror questions in the Ellen Pao trial. I listened to the ambient music Creative Commons netradio station, I threw Beatrice's carrot for her many times.

I have lots of practical things I want to do during my weekend. I'm grateful for a restful Friday night.

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