Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

rain and new things

The rain fell today in a steady sprinkle. I put on a yellow rain poncho and drove to work. Two Eastern Bluebirds flew away as I watched. I thought they flew because I drove near, but then an American Kestrel landed on the perch which they just departed.

The news reported on how EMT personnel saved a toddler from a vehicle that was upside down and partially submerged. The EMT professionals advised that they thought they heard a voice calling for help. But the child's mother was already dead.

Another article dealt with fraternity boys at the University of Oklahoma who made a racist, despicable video. The national fraternity promptly and appropriately disowned the local chapter. The university president proclaimed appropriately the university's disdain.But what I liked was the football recruit who de-committed to the university team. Though I don't often believe in letting the thoughtless acts of a few rain down on the whole school, sometimes hitting a sports school at the talent level seems a fitting statement.

We had a new associate start today at our office. I was glad I had worked on Saturday, as that made my Monday easier. I learned today that an opposing counsel I dealt with a bit on a case recently died,far too young. I felt that tremor of mortality that are side effects of the receipt of such news.

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