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I hit the road this morning to Brockdale Park. The temperature was a degree or so above freezing. A drizzle fell. Brockdale Park is a small park next to Lake Lavon. It's been closed to boat traffic for a couple of years due to drought. It's not much more than a boat launch, a roadway by a little woodland, a couple of trees, and an open field.

When I first arrived, I saw a Northern Flicker atop a bare tree. I walked down to the water, seeing Double-Crested Cormorants, Mallards, and an American Crow. When I walked back to the trailhead for Trinity Trail, I saw Carolina Chickadees, a feeding flock of Northern Cardinals, a Golden-Crowned Kinglet (who leaned over and showed me his literally golden crown), and a Dark-Eyed Junco.

I looked out at the open field and saw a small falcon-like raptor atop a juniper tree. The tree was perhaps 12 feet tall. I thought it was a large female American Kestrel at first. I took several pictures of it as I approached. I saw it fly with a small falcon's swallow-like grace to another tree. When I got back to my car and reviewed my photos, I saw that the bird was not an American Kestrel but the less common, slightly larger falcon, the Merlin. I went home and logged in my sightings in I had seen 11 species in 40 cold minutes. If I had been more certain if one sighting was a lake gull or a tern, I'd have logged 12. My eBird count moved up to 100 species.

I went to Weight Watchers and found I had gained 4/10ths of a pound. This was pretty good news, given my trip among the culinary delights of San Antonio. After the meeting, I had a turkey plate at Dickey's BBQ. The weather is still cold, but the snow melted.

Now I am listening to the new release by Cinchel, and thinking of the things I must do in the coming week.

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