Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

City of my birth

I entered this life at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. I only lived here a year before my Dad transferred to the Air Force base in Amarillo. I grew up in Arkansas, after my parents moved home when my father left the military..

Wednesday I drove to San Antonio through a clear landscape that no longer held the morning snow. I took in part the 130 tollway which traverses Austin to San Antonio through isolated flatlands at a speed limit up to 85 miles an hour. Whoosh!

I attended yesterday a seminar in my field of law, called insurance company insolvency. I saw lots of people I have worked with or against in cases over the past three decades. I loved these past blasts. I enjoyed the lectures. I had to use my computer and my phone to also do a lot of work. I had a great Mexican food dinner among friends.

Today I attend four more hours of lectures and a business lunch before I drive home. I may have to navigate Winter weather as I drive home. But if time permits, I will first stop by the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center to search for a bird called the Vermillion Flycatcher. I like San Antonio, the unfamiliar familiar city of my birth. But my home is 300 miles north.

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