Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

light sleet

The sleet storm proved less severe than predicted. Still, the sleet shut the city more or less down. We closed our office, but I drove in to work. I found the streets passable. Other drivers drove safely, as did I.

I got to my office at 9:30 and stayed at work until nearly 4 p.m. I did not get a lunch. I could not find any cafes in the shopping center near our office that were open. I worked through lunch.

The day stayed frozen all day. We will have icy streets again tomorrow. I stopped by Bethany Lakes Park on the way home. I watched ducks and gulls and a warbler. Then I headed home.

Tomorrow afternoon the ice is predicted to melt. Then an inch or three of snow is predicted to fall early Wednesday. We are finally getting a little Winter weather.
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