Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ancillary justice completed

We woke up early and headed to the airport. While we waited for our flight, we stopped for a little breakfast. The instant oatmeal I ordered proved heavy on little fruit-flavored bits but light on actual oatmeal.

Yesterday the temperature in Tucson was in the 20s Celsius. This morning the temperature in Allen hovered around 1 Celsius. Fortunately, the predicted rain and snow did not materialize, so our flight landed in good order.

I worked this afternoon, then headed to Weight Watchers. My weight was up a bit. Tonight I called Sirius XM and again got a bargain rate to renew for 6 months when I made clear that otherwise I would cancel.

I finished Anne Leckie's novel "Ancillary Justice". I enjoyed this science fiction novel. My run of three science fiction novels in a row has worked out well.

On the plane I also knocked out a few pages of the David McCulloch Trumann biography.I only read this on flights, thus far, though it's a good read.

When I left work, in the shivering cold, I saw a House Finch singing joyfully on a bare branch. In Tucson, where the temperature was much warmer, House Finches sang everywhere. It was good to get a little joyful reminder of Arizona.

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