Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

searching and finding

I hunted one thing today but found another. I hunted for a letter that went astray, and found instead a lost item I'd already replaced. I also found an unmailed holiday card to the microbie household. So I failed to find one thing and found two. I would like to find the envelope I am seeking next. I could have sworn I mailed it. But it's not arrived. Perhaps it was misaddressed. Perhaps it fell somewhere before I mailed it.

I'm reading Anne Leckie's "Ancillary Justice", an interesting bit of updated space opera. A Cooper's Hawk visited Travis Farm Park in Murphy. She flew gracefully just a few feet above the ground before landing in a tree.

I was thinking today it's been x years since I visited Japan. Then I thought it was a long time since our trip to Costa Rica. Then I remembered it had been a while since we visited South Dakota. I felt a little travel longing, but then I got over myself and felt fortunate that I got to visit those places at all.

A warm snap gives way to a chilly snap soon.
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