Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Out on the road, but no private cul de sacs

I managed to catch my plane on time, thread my way through downtown SF back onto the north 101, feel filled with wonder on the Golden Gate Bridge,
feel amused when the highway sign said "Redwood Highway", but those gnarled scrubby things were live oaks and the little shrubs we call mountain mahogany, feel a bit more impressed when the trees begin to look more like real mahogany, and then impressed indeed when I thought I saw some redwoods.

I'm in CA for a matter tomorrow, after which I fly across the country to a meeting someplace altogether different, after which I drive and fly to get back home again. I enjoy the solace of reading friends' posts, even as the hectic flurry of things makes me a less assiduous commenter than I'd like to be.

I liked the woman next to me on the plane today. She and her husband were taking a daughter to the central valley to allow her to do a school visit of a church college. It turned out in their denomination, only 5 schools in the whole country will "do", and this was the most remote. I assured her that inland central CA is not really that different from small town Texas. She was impressed that I had heard of the 2,500 person town in Texas from whence they came. She explained that they moved there when her husband, a minister in xyz church, "needed a rest", and that the small town was a place where a lot of ministers in xyz denomination "rested". I imagine in the back of my mind, someplace, a congregation filled with sleeping ex-ministers, a sort of rest for the non-wicked.

It's too bad I don't feel any call to any ministry of any faith. I think giving sermons weekly would be fun!

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