Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

falcon time

I like the pair of American Kestrels I see on my lunch hour sometimes. Here's the female:

american kestrel 2 4 2015 breckinridge park

American Kestrels are little falcons.Sometimes it's tempting to think of them as cute birds that hover about and grab grasshoppers. But one snowy day I saw one with a little songbird, an Eastern Phoebe, in its talons. So they are cute little falcons that nonetheless are raptors.

Thank you to the folks who offered book suggestions. I added them to my list for this year--I did not have a list this year until now. My next book is a space opera, but I will have to have it in front of me to recall its author and title.

We watched the soap opera "Nashville". I am sad that Radio Shack is failing.

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