Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cold but not cold on a linuxversary

Today the weather started out cold and ended up merely cool. As I stood at noon putting gas into my vehicle in my Winter coat, a man at a nearby pump wore short sleeves. I saw an Eastern Bluebird on a tree at Travis Farm Park. I bought bananas, cereal and low-fat cheese sticks at Kroger. I saw a good ad for the Mammoth excavation site near Waco.

Today is a Linuxversary for me. On February 3, 2013, I installed Linux on my current laptop computer for the first time. That laptop, which cost me $ 46 on eBay plus another $ 7 for a power cord, still runs in good shape. I had had a Linux-powered netbook before, the odd little Cherrypal Africa. But it really had no software repositories and no real easy way to use the command line. I had run Linux on virtual machines on my Windows computer, which had given me a great feel for how Linux worked. But two years ago today I took the plunge to run Linux as my favored operating system.

I am pretty convinced that it's not a huge deal whether one runs linux, Windows, iOS, OS X, Android, Chrome O/S or BSD. Every operating system has something to recommend it. But for me, running linux is easy but offers lots of choices. I like the sharing culture aspects of open source. For the first year, I wondered how I would do without this or that Windows program.
Now I run the ones I care about using the WINE program and mostly run Linux programs.I like access to lots of free software, and I like the open source folks. This was a great decision for me. I still use Windows at work but my home desktop and laptop are now Linux machines. I used to run Fedora, but it proved a bit more unstable at upgrade time than I like, so now I run Ubuntu-derived Peppermint O/S. It just works, and it's important for me for things to just work. I am not entirely lost when I must sort things out. I am surprised sometimes at what I can figure out and fix. But I like things to just work. Though I do not think it is a huge deal which operating system one uses, I find myself rather a huge linux advocate. It's just more fun, at least for me.

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