Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ending too soon

I woke up early this morning, but early after a good night's sleep as opposed to insomnia-early. I thought about getting ready for the 8 a.m. Connemara bird walk, but the rainy weather convinced me to forego it. At 8:20 I set out to go to church,but foundthat the rain, as predicted, had stopped. I decided to take a walk before church.

I drove to Russell Creek Park in Plano. During my walk around the park pond there,I saw dozens of lesser scaup ducks. Then I walked the sidewalk on the periphery of the park, where I watched a male Northern Cardinal singing atop a bare branch, two Yellow-Rumped Warblers chirping among a lower-lying space on some trees, and a female Downy Woodpecker climbing a willow branch in search of something to eat.

I went to church at First United Methodist here in Allen, where the minister discussed trying to do good for others. Then I stopped by Bethany Lakes Park, where I saw dozens more scaup. I puzzled about the other ducks intermingled among the Lesser Scaup when I realized they were, obviously enough, female Lesser Scaup.

I stopped also on the way home for a quick glance at Allen Station Park. There a Blue Jay, puffed up by the rains, allowed me to photograph it for a long period. I tried to take video as well as photos, but I fear my video hand was too unsteady.

At Weight Watchers I found that I had lost weight, but not much weight. Then I got a sandwich and headed home.

I read the novel "The First 15 Lives of Harry August" by Claire North on my e-reader. I found myself on page 409 or so out of 429 when the novel ended. I enjoyed the novel very much. The sensation was just like the sensation when a print-and-paper book turns out to have its last fifty pages filled with an index, a bibliographic,and forty pages of obscure history of the author's childhood home and its analogs in the novel's sub-plot.

I fell asleep late this afternoon. When I awoke, my wife had made spaghetti. We watched on television as Ms. Katy Perry finished her half-time show at a sports event. We watched a few plays of the sports event,and then changed to Downton Abbey.
Later I think I will create some music with a software synthesizer.

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