Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Warm Tuesday

The noontime temperature today reached 23 degrees C. I walked under trees in Breckinridge Park. I saw this Carolina Chickadee:


I also saw this American Robin:


Tonight I went to the Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society. Over fifty people attended tonight, because tonight the lecture was about bobcats. I met one woman who volunteers at In Sync,the exotic animal refuge. I was impressed by all the projects our local society is doing. Also, the classroom section helped me sort out my kinglets a bit better. I was impressed to see a video of a local bobcat which took a squirrel from a small tree, by the fact they can jump over fences in yards (but usually choose not to do so) and by the local research project tracking bobcat movements.The speaker, from Texas Parks and Wildlife, waxed eloquent about use of iNaturalist, of which I already had heard thanks to elainegrey. I think that science lectures are like church, or, more properly, are church.

Afterward, I stopped in for a late dinner at Pollo Tropical. Finally this new-but-after-all-a-franchise place was not too crowded for comfort. I enjoyed the chicken and vegetables.

When I got home, my wife played Annie Lennox videos and we talked of cool plans for an upcoming weekend.

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