Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

23rd birthday

Last night we met my nephew and his girlfriend, my brother and my sister-in-law at the hibachi restaurant Japon. We gathered to celebrate my nephew's birthday. I got him a card which included a button to the effect that its wearer did not know the people around him. His girlfriend baked a celebratory apple pie. The restaurant kindly let her serve it.

My cold is discernibly receding. The sore throat is gone. I took Alka Seltzer Plus again. The tablets dissolve in water. They taste vaguely of strawberry but are labeled orange. I had a flash of memory of a beloved drink called Fizzies. These were also tablets that dissolved in water to create a soft drink. I miss things like those and Tang and space food sticks. At least in Canada they still have that chewing gum that tastes like soap.

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