Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

gradual recovery

Since I am a bit under the weather, I turned in a bit early last night. I did get hooked on the last part of the college playoff game. Then I got hooked on my continued reading of the "The Martian", which I had put down for a day or three. By the time I got to sleep, I was no longer early.

Today I felt neither too ill to go to work nor sufficiently chipper to feel over my cold. I am in that mild-sore-throat, mild-weariness, hoarse-voice phase. The days continue to hover a couple of degrees above freezing. Our usual January high temperature is 13.33 degrees C. but this week's high has been consistently between 0 C. and 3 C. Friday and Saturday promise more seasonal weather.

My car went from showing my fuel range in miles to simply showing low. I stopped for gasoline at lunch. Like many things, I dreaded this longer than it actually lasted.
When I ordered Black Forest Ham for my sandwich at lunch, the woman behind the counter said "No Roast Beef today?". I suppose I am a creature of habit.

The news reports that protesters in Garland wish to protest a religious meeting at a rented school auditorium. Some folks have a curious view of freedom of religion. I dislike the views of folks who imagine that any faith but their own is worthy of derision.I favor freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and am disappointed in my lifetime to see local folks who still want to restrain both.

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