Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ignorance and want of pho

Today drove through Breckinridge Park at noon. The weather was chilly and overcast. Male Eastern Bluebirds flitted from place to place.


A female American Kestrel stayed still while I snapped her photo.


I resisted the temptation to bid on an eBay auction nearing its end. I was relieved when the bid price went astronomical in the last sixty seconds of the auction. This removed even the temptation to bid.

I had a vigorous day at work. After work, I stopped at Que Huang for chicken and vermicelli. I enjoyed reading an issue of Urban Animal while I ate. I love the pictures of adoptable animals in this pro-adoption quarterly publication.

My wife went to the Winspear Theater with a friend from work to see "A Christmas Carol". Last night I teased her that while she and her friend were enjoying a professional theater play, our dog Beatrice and I would be shivering at home, portraying Want and Ignorance. In this metaphor, I would be Want, the more dangerous, because that's a step from Doom. We laughed.

Tonight I did some Christmas shopping on line, quite successfully. I still need to address some work credit cards, and do some light gift-wrapping of a gift for a friend. I am now relaxed and watching television, content with Friday night.

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