Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Hedgeapple Express

Last night we rented "Guardians of the Galaxy", which we enjoyed. I had wondered prior to seeing the movie if its violent scenes would bother me, but the violence, for better or worse was sufficiently cartoon to keep me from being out of control.

The storm that beset California a few days ago made its way to north Texas today. I put Beatrice's orange jacket on her and took her for an early morning walk. We saw gulls, mallards and doves. A nice neighbor stood aside with her inquisitive and somewhat aggressive dog, giving Beatrice and I a peaceful passage.

I put on my Wizard of Oz tie and a sport coat, and headed to the 11 a.m. service at First UMC of Allen. I went to The Way service, a traditional service held on folding chairs in the church's small Fellowship Hall. Today the minister of music, also an ordained minister, gave the sermon. I liked the service, which featured a few traditional Christmas hymns. I was unable to register my attendance for want of a pencil, which is a disadvantage of a folding-chair service. When I told the minister he gave a fine service, he said "thanks for visiting us today". I suppose the size of the congregation and my habit of choosing among several churches each Sunday makes me a little bit unfamiliar to the folks at the church to which we belong.

I stopped by Bethany Lakes Park, where I saw hundreds of ducks. I noted the eight lesser scaup, the two pied-billed grebe and the numerous northern shovelers in addition to countless mallards.


I was up a bit at Weight Watchers, which tells me I must be a bit more careful about the minor extravagances I permit myself and that I must exercise more. Afterward, I went to Subway for a sandwich and to Russell Creek Park in Plano.
In the park in the rain I saw lots of Ring-billed Gulls and an American Kestrel.

I also saw a blue jay. The blue jay's iridescent blue requires enough light to sustain it. Absent the light, the blue jay is a bit less bright.


The rains fell solidly most of the afternoon. The drought here is not as intense as that in inland California, but we are in need of the rain.

At home, I ordered several Christmas presents on-line. We dined on a Mexican chicken bake. Then I watched the local professional sports team on television, as it surprised me, a bit, by winning a big game.

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