Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

texas toss

I finished my computer operating system late last night when I installed Peppermint 5 to load in a matter of moments. I then added for wallpaper a photo of Lake Murrary in

lake murray screen shot

This morning on my way to work I drove through Breckinridge Park. I saw this American Kestrel on a Reserved Parking sign.


After lunch today, I had to drive to an opposing counsel's office. I had left my trench coat there a couple of weeks ago during a deposition. The drive into Dallas was easy. Then finding parking near the office building seemed at first difficult.
His assistant readily provided the coat. Then Friday afternoon traffic impeded my return to my office. I was glad to get back to work.

On my way home from work, I stopped by the Goodwill in Plano. I found a computer case on sale for 1 dollar and 99 cents. When I got home, my wife and I went to Market Street to grab something to eat. I had a turkey plate. My wife ordered a hand-tossed salad. She ordered a "large" which turned out to mean "family size". We laughed at the sheer quantity of "Texas Toss Salad".

I had a chance to watch "White Christmas" tonight, but watched a Harry Potter instead. Tomorrow I plan to get lots of exercise, get chores done, address holiday cards, and get new eyeglasses.

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