Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


Today we sorted out some positive firm internal business. We worked on some useful work for clients. I got some birdseed in the shape of a bell from the store. After work, I stopped by my nephew's store to say "hi". My wife was dining with co-workers, so I ate a sandwich on the way home. I got an inexpensive used computer to give to a friend for the holidays and am now downloading Watt O/S to install on it. An earlier try at Linux Mint and Linux Mint Debian edition did not pan out, while Puppy, as always, frustrated me with its wi-fi connections. I like Watt, though,a nice LXDE Debian-based distribution. We'll see if it will install, once I get the .iso downloaded.

I listened to the songs thus far in my next album, "Constellation Blackbird", and found them reasonably listenable some weeks after their creation. I want to write two or three more songs to have a set.

The news is full of people in authority defending inappropriate coercive interrogation techniques. This kind of unapologetic apology for appalling conduct worthy of a contrite apology annoys me.

We made plans to see a play on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. This morning I noticed Beatrice was barking at house sparrows in the bushes to make them scatter. I like dark-eyed juncos.

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