Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Tires and glasses

As I was getting ready to go to work, I noticed that my glasses had fallen on the floor and the frame given way.The lenses were fine. My wife and I taped the glasses back together. When I arrived at work, I called my optometrist. His office is a short walk from my office. I made an appointment for 4:45 p.m.

At lunch I did not get to walk in the park. Instead, I took my car to the NTB Tire Center. Saturday my friend and I noticed that my back left tire had picked up a tack.Fortunately, the tack had not caused a leak. On the other hand, my back right tire had a slow leak.

This particular tire center had twice before repaired my tires. But today the tires were pronounced "end of life". They were part of the original purchase. I had to wait while new tires were put on, and I had to pay for new tires. But I could feel the difference when I first drove on the new tires.

Though I had various interruptions, I was pleased with what I could get done at work. I also made it to my eye appointment on time. I admit that I like eye examinations, which involve machines, flashing lights, and watching things through lens. I lack any great skill at "is this better or this?", but I am pretty good at "click when you see the flashing little points of light with your peripheral vision".

I left with dilated pupils and a prescription. My vision had only changed a bit. I went next door to see about new glasses at the VisionWorks. The woman who waited on me looked at my broken glasses frames. She said it was a routine repair. Then she fixed the glasses.

I will go back later to get new glasses, but I was glad to have my old ones back until I can take the time to choose new frames. I drove home, feeling spectacular.

In other news, I am using eBay effectively if duplicatively today. I was able to comfort an eBay newbie, though, and that counts for something.

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