Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

nanowrimo talk-up, gadwalls and a Chinese buffet

I woke up exceedingly early on Saturday morning.My wife had a dawn flight.I ordinarily rise earlier than she rises. I wanted to make sure she got up in time to catch her flight. She headed out the door just in time, caught a flight to Kansas City on a crowded travel day,and texted me that she arrived in good order. My own order proved to be equally good, but a bit out of sync with my plans. I fell asleep and slept to 7:40 a.m. I sent my young friend a social media message to let him know that I would be half an hour late to pick him up from the 8 a.m. time we planned.

After I picked him up, we ate doughnuts in Allen. Then we went to Oak Point Park in Plano and walked. The weather was chilly and rainy,but we enjoyed the walk. Then we headed down to Half-Priced Books in Plano. The used CD's and DVD's are always a bargain there. He got three metal CDs and a book about metal bands. I got a CD of a fellow playing his own transcriptions of classical pieces reset to guitar.

We headed into Firewheel Coffee, which is a great coffee shop conveniently located in the same shopping area. I had a truly wonderful hot chocolate, and later a very nice peppermint hot tea. My friend had an iced chocolate. I let him use my laptop, where he send the program called Asunder to move two of his CDs to his cell phone. I read on my ereader another section of David McCullough's biography of Harry S. Truman. My ereader has not last a goodish few years, and is going strong. I stopped by my office to pick up an envelope I need today. My friend got a rock magazine at Barnes & Noble while we waited.

We went to lunch at Ocean Seafood, a Chinese buffet in Garland. The restaurant was crowded, as it is very popular. It is extremely casual, as local buffet places tend to be, with lots of choices. I managed to restrain myself and eat a healthy portion of healthy foods. I think I have learned the buffet self-control lesson.

We stopped by Fry's to look at computers and computer speakers, buying nothing. Then we drove him home.

In the late afternoon, I watched for a few moments as the football team playing for my college alma mater pulled off a convincing upset of a top-10-ranked team. Then I got on a great nanowrimo conference call.

This year I signed on to do nanowrimo, the write-50,000-words-in-November novel challenge. I am going to fall far short of 50,000, as my output thus far is 8,581 words. I have had all sorts of intervening projects, ranging from a weekend trip for family business to a work trip to one creative project to design pictures for an on-line journal, to creating music for a netlabel compilation, a ccMixter event, and for an album I have nearly completed which, assuming I keep my end of the schedule, may be released around January by a netlabel.

Still, I have enjoyed very much writing, even if my pace may result in 11,500 words rather than 50,000. I plan to keep on writing it a bit each month until I hit 50,000. I notice the cross-pollination that working on one creative project makes it easier for me to do others.

I put on my headset, hooked up my very-lo-fi webcam and 7 dollar eBay headphone-and-microphone, and hopped on via Chromium to a Google Hangout at 4:30 p.m. with three other nanowrimo participants. One of them I know well via social media and in particular livejournal. The other two participants were friends of hers. We all described our novels, our challenges, and our goals. I really enjoyed hearing everyone's stories about their novels. People are so inventive. When last I did nanowrimo in 2002, I participated in a live meet-up. All the other participants in that 2002 group were "serious" writers, who did sci-fi writers' workshops and had taken close runs at publication. They were fun, but perhaps took themselves a bit more seriously than I take myself.

Our on-line group,by contrast, took our projects seriously but did not take ourselves seriously at all. This was not necessarily "better" or "worse", but it was interesting and fun. We all exchanged ideas, and had a very good time. It was good to meet my on-line friend via this medium after a decade of written communication. After the call, I wrote 300 words out of inspiration, though it would be a better story if I had written 30,000 more.

I went to bed last night before 9 p.m. after dining on breakfast cereal. This morning the weather was warmer and less wet. I took Beatrice for a walk. On Sunday morning Autumn walks the big question mark is always whether I will see ducks besides mallards in the park pond. Today I was rewarded for my watching with six lovely brown gadwall ducks. I like their rich yet understated coloration.

I logged my sightings on eBird, began to make this entry,and now close while wondering whether I shall have pancakes at IHOP for breakfast.

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