Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

coyote and clown-trickster

Wednesday morning the LA traffic was breathtakingly busy. Later Wednesday I had a space of time after my business matter but before my flight. I stopped by Griffith Park in Los Angeles to take a walk. I originally drove near the Observatory, but it was too crowded. Then I went to my preferred stop, near the ranger station. As I first pulled into this part of the park, I saw the car in front of me stopped. It turned out a young coyote was nearby, looking around.


I watched for a moment, but then drove on to let others see. I parked near the ranger center and visitor center. I saw acorn woodpeckers,with their lovely clown faces,black phoebes, house finches and yellow-rumped warblers. I feel at home there, and would someday like to spend a whole Saturday there.

My plane was late taking off, and it did not land until nearly 11 p.m. I stopped at Denny's for a midnight supper on my way home. I was pleased that it is now possible to order from "fit" choices. I got home around 1:20 a.m.

I got up early and headed to work. I had a conference call I had to take, so I forgot I was out of gas. AAA helped me as I solved work issues with my phone parked in an apartment complex I reached while running my car on fumes.

At lunch I wandered on a warm day in the park and saw bluebirds, yellow-rumped warblers, house finches, and American kestrels. At night I gave free legal advice for the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program. I am looking forward to work tomorrow, and to a pleasant pre-holiday weekend.

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