Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Belo night

I spent my lunch photographing a mockingbird at Travis Farm Park in Murphy. I left work slightly early, though not as early as I meant to leave, due to some work concerns.I struggled from my office in Garland into downtown Dallas, through very heavy but not annoying traffic. I made it to the Belo Mansion downtown just in time for the 5:30 p.m.
Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program function.

Soon after I arrived, after eating a chicken taco, I sat at one of the white-table-cloth-table and looked up whether an appellate court had ruled today on a case of interest to me. I saw that the ruling did indeed issue, and that the opinion was in the main to my liking. I called a colleague to discuss it, and then went back to the function. Soon the speaker was calling out award recipients. I was one of the five local regional clinic volunteers to get awarded a cool little gold star, a literal little palm-sized star with engraving on it.

Although it was nice to be recognized for my modest volunteer work, I know that I just volunteer for the Garland legal clinic once a month. One honoree volunteered 500+ hours, while another fellow took on five new pro bono bankruptcy cases a year. I felt a bit like an amateur do-gooder among the real pros.

Now we are watching the Royals play the seventh game of the baseball World Series against the Giants. We hope the Royals win, but as I type this they are one run down.

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