Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

planning a novel and constellation bluebird

The novel I plan to write next month is slowly coming into view in my mind. I have a vague but
workable set of ideas about the protagonist and the setting. I have a few notions about minor plot points, but no real idea of the story. When I do the math, 50,000 words/30 days = a little more than 1,666 words a day. The last time I wrote such a novel, in 2002, I wrote an average o 5,000 words a day, finishing on the 10th day. This year I am not likely to be so committed, or even very worried about finishing. But it would be fun if I could finish one next month. In an ideal world, I'd tackle non-fiction projects with the same abandon, but I do not live in an ideal way.

I continue making progress on my newest set of recordings, whose working title is "Constellation Bluebird". I finished the 6th piece,the title track, to bring the collection up to 21 minutes of music. I think I shall try something long-form for the 7th piece. I rarely write things longer than 5 minutes. I think I will try to stretch across a longer canvas this time.

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