Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

droning on

Ever since I got this Lenovo ThinkCentre second-string desktop configured with my favorite software, I've been able to work on musical pieces. I've created four pieces totaling about 15 minutes of music in the past week. I should have a new netlabel release done by year-end, and I am reasonably certain where it will be released. Now I wish to create the second set of pieces to include in the collection.

In addition to working on music this morning, I headed to SunCreek UMC. The sermon took its text from the story of the fellow who asked what he must do to enter the Kingdom of Heaven other than following the rules, but then goes away grieving when he is instructed to sell all his possessions, donate the proceeds to the poor, and become a follower.

After the service, I stopped by Bethany Lakes Park, where I spent my time watching pied-billed grebes. I went in the early afternoon to Weight Watchers, where I had inexplicably lost a bit over a pound. I got a haircut at one of those alliterative chain haircut places. I got a bit more exercise, and then I headed out to get us sandwiches to eat. Now I am alternating between getting some paperwork done and listening to music on I used the radio tag "darkwinter", which thus far served me up two of Ryan Teague's pieces.

My coming week features some tasks to do, and a bit of travel at its end. So I am glad to have this Sunday evening to wind down.

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