Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Ottawa tragedy

Today a terrorist opened fire on a soldier doing ceremonial guard duty in Ottawa,and then fired shots in the Canadian parliament building before being shot himself. I read about the soldier who was killed, often shown posing with his German shepherd dog.

I read about the parliamentary Sergeant-at-Arms, a security professional three years my senior, to whom fell the duty of protecting the members of parliament. Each age imagines that it is the only age that faces psychopaths who seek to abolish democracy and human rights, but my reading of history is that every era faces its own
version of this horror. I think of the horror for those in Ottawa.

Today a co-worker helped out with some paperwork in a way I found very useful. I also got to see bluebirds. I also made significant progress in composing a new song, uncharacteristically using a sample from a software guitar synthesizer.

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