Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

vultures flying low

Today I unpacked, sorted, and organized. I found some things I hunted, but continue to hunt a few replaceable things. The months of having my life boxed during renovation and repair exacted only moderate toll.

I went for a walk at Brockdale Park,where turkey vultures flew low and eastern phoebes looked out from atop bare branches. I did not see any pelicans, and I could not make out what species of warblers or finches flew by in little patterns.

At Weight Watchers I had gained a pound though my prediction had been that I had gained three.
I am nearly finished reading the book about a doing a "big year" entirely in Texas. I watched the local sports team win a game on television. The Sunday newspaper failed to arrive today,
and the folks at the customer help line (or rather, their pre-recorded interactive message) advised that the paper would merely credit our account rather than re-deliver, since the Cinderella stroke of noon had already passed. I found my little photo scanner in a box.
Now I am winding down, listening to music from the 23 Seconds netlabel.

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