Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sans pelican

I walked Beatrice in the dark at 6:00 a.m., after I took a nice hot shower. At 6:30 I hit the road to Lake Ray Roberts State Park, Johnson Branch Unit. On the way, I stopped at McDonald's for a bowl of oatmeal. I listened to a recent Bill Nelson album during my drive through my cellular telephone application.

The weather proved a bit windy and not-warm, not-cold. Though it was in some ways a lovely day, visibility for the bird walk was somewhat imperfect. Only the ranger and I attended the walk.
I like Ranger Danielle, a 20something young woman from California who is a good guide.

This month ordinarily would mark a migration month, when we might hope to see ospreys, white pelicans, and warblers. But we only saw 14 species, such as the little ruby-crowned kinglet (a winter visitor from Canada), the eastern meadowlark (who winters in our prairie after summering in more lush prairie to the north), and the irrepressible red-bellied woodpecker (who lives here year around). I am trying to make more entries, so I kept a meticulous list of what we saw. The most bird-thick portion of the trip was when 125 double-crested cormorants flew low over the lake.

In the afternoon, I sat down to do some family-business paperwork. Today I focused on building spreadsheets for tracking purposes. I made a huge amount of progress on this project, though
I will need to locate (or order another copy of) a document or two. I have a lot on my to-do list on this, but I can see a way to do it. I think it helped that my alma mater's sports team
proved unequal to its televised task, removing any temptation to be glued to the screen.

Last night my wife went out to dine with women she knows through work. I stayed home. I intended to make music, but I decided to catch up on some of my continuing legal education. I fell asleep, sitting up, amid a seminar on a scintillating legal topic.

We dined tonight at Silver Thai, where I had the spicy bahmee soup. I want to keep making hobby and family paperwork progress on tomorrow.

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