Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

fritillary and back in gear

This morning the back-up refurbished computer works like a charm. I configured it with my favorite software. I am glad to be back up and running again. I hope the manufacturer and I can sort out the problem with my main desktop.

Today I went for a walk on the Towne Lake Frisbee golf course. I saw a few birds, but the things that caught my eyes were butterflies--the lovely gulf fritillary, to be precise. I am reading a book about a fellow who did a "Texas Big Year", trying to reach the highest birding list possible in a year while staying in Texas to bird. I am not that kind of a birder as I would not be able to identify 450+ birds, much less see them. But the book has energized me to try to post more to I configured a direct link to eBird with the Peppermint OS
Ice application.

I lost 1.4 pounds at Weight Watchers. I got a call from someone with an interesting creative project I may be able to help in a very small way to advance. My brother and I had a good call and then my sister and I had a good call. I watched the local sports team win a nice upset at football. Beatrice and I started our day on a walk this morning. Perhaps I will finish it with some light reading and a bit of music.

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