Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

migration and a passing

Saturday morning when I took Beatrice for a walk, we found that migrating monarches floated intermittently in the sky. A small toddler expressed to her father that she wished to say hello to Bea, so we stopped and made her acquaintance. Beatrice is good with kids but ignores most other dogs.

I also learned that my Aunt Virginia had passed away. She was 82. I had gotten an e-mail Friday evening that she had entered hospice. She battled various health conditions for years with a lot of grace. I last saw she and my Uncle Ivan when I visited them in their Sun City retirement resort home in Texas just before they sold it and moved to California to be nearer my cousins. I believe that they intend to have a memorial in Texas in the future. I have fond memories of visiting my aunt, uncle and cousins in Oklahoma City when I was a child. Uncle Ivan is my late mother's older brother. Aunt Virginia was a strong and articulate woman.

Saturday afternoon I took a bicycle ride in our neighborhood. I rode to Green Park,
where I saw mockingbirds, blue jays, and a new arrival, a ruby-crowned kinglet. The kinglet lives in Canada all Summer, but will winter with us. Then I rode to Dayspring Nature Preserve, where I saw a red-bellied woodpecker. I rode back to my area using the Watters Creek trail, where I saw northern cardinals. I counted 20 migrating monarches during my ride, as well as two tiger swallowtails and one butterfly I am trying to distinguish as to whether it is a tawny emperor or a hackberry emperor.

After a brief lunch, I turned my attention to practical things. I needed to use my desktop computer to do some family business things. I set the operating system, Fedora, to update. Fedora reported it need to do substantial updates. I set it going,to find it choke on locating appropriate mirrors in the midst of the update. I am not sure if this was an internet reception issue on my end or an issue with Fedora. Then, it stopped working altogether.

Fedora is in some ways more "bleeding edge" than some systems, which means that one gets the newest version of everything but not everything is as stable. On my laptop, I run Peppermint, which uses the Ubuntu software repository. Peppermint updates seamlessly, while Fedora updates sometimes go imperfectly. Though I have learned sometimes how to diagnose upgrade/update problems, they get to be annoying--almost as bad as the old Windows service packs.

I decided to replace Fedora on my desktop with Peppermint. The installation did not go well, as Peppermint had trouble with the hard drive. I toyed with other options, but the installation(s) did not go well, as I seem to have a hard drive issue of some sort. Possibly the formatting on the hard drive boot is off, or possibly the hard drive has a flaw. I ran a memory check on the RAM to make sure it was all right, and fortuately it was fine.

My wife, who had been visiting a friend, suggested we meet at Cafe Istanbul for dinner. I drove to meet she and her friend, a nice woman with whom she does a work-out. We had a nice Mediterranean meal.

I got up this morning, ran a program to repair the hard drive, and then successfully installed Peppermint. Then I went to church at Suncreek UMC,where a handbell choir played a very professional rendition of Jason Krug's "Allegro con Moto". The sermon was about being exceedingly generous.

After the service, I stopped by Bethany Lakes Park. I saw pied-billed grebes swim in the lake. Then I walked Beatrice, where we saw more migrating monarchs. I returned to my desktop where the boot of Peppermint had gone astray. I will have to focus on what still looks to me like a boot or HDD issue. It is possible that the hard drive is defective, so we'll see if I need to send it for warranty work.

But the local sports team is on television now, my laptop works fine, and I'll get to that later today.

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