Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Brewer's ello

This morning I misplaced my glasses. I left a tad late for work, without my glasses.
During the drive to work, I realized where they must be. When I returned home, sure enough they were there. They were under a blue chair in our living room. I had dropped them this morning while using my laptop. I am glad they surfaced. I am fortunate that while I need my glasses, I can function without them.

The weather each day is warm but the heat remains broken. Tomorrow rain is to arrive. I stopped after work at the park and took pictures of bluebirds. I regularly see a small flock of what I believe to be Brewer's blackbirds in the park. They forage in green grass in the shade. They are my first sighting of this species.

Someone sent me an invite for Ello. I signed up, but I really think the facebook replacement should be (a) open source (b) community-based, (c) localized; and (d) security-feature-rich. But that day remains a few years off. Ello is a perhaps kinder,perhaps gentler more-of-the-same. Time will tell.

The first ebola case in the US sprang up in Dallas this week. The news today featured politicians reassuring the public, and lots of health professionals on the radio. I believe that folks will not panic. But the sense that this is the beginning and not the end of this era pervades my thinking. Years ago, my now-late mother-in-law gave me books that predicted this kind of viral spread. Nothing that happened thus far is a surprise.

The whole world has a troubling 1933-1937 feel.

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