Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A visit to the midway

We rose early Saturday, and drove to pick up my young friend out in the small nearby town in which he lives. Then my wife, my friend and I went to the State Fair of Texas.

monarch butterfly in Fair Park, 9 27 2014









My favorite parts of the Fair were:

1. A young man from Farmersville over in the hog barn was showing two pigs. My wife knew his dad, who had done some of the floors for our house this year. So we met the young man, who showed us his pigs (a "landracer" and a hybrid) and told us about the pig show game. Day 1 they judge the judges, for showmanship. Day 2 they judge the pigs.

2. The Greyhound Bus Museum, a display of modern and vintage buses. I love buses, for some reason, though I rarely travel by bus. The Greyhound Bus Museum itself is in a bus, appropriately enough. They also had a beanbag toss game which all of us won,but my friend hit 2 out of 3, I hit 1 out of 3, and my wife turned out to be a beanbag champ, hitting 3 out of 3. She won the sunglasses for her efforts, huge plastic things she game to our friend.

3. I got some cool paper cow ears on a hat at the Dairy industry's exhibit.

4. The regular butterflies in the Texas Discovery Garden were even better than those in the butterfly house.

5. The sensodyne trailer gave us the inside story on sensitive teeth.

6. The annual Grambling State v. Prairie View A & M football game was going on in the Cotton Bowl. We did not attend the game, but I loved hearing a single trumpet play a jazz version of "The Star Spangled Banner". Grambling State always has the coolest band--I wish we could have seen the halftime show.

7. The Klassy Kloggers, a group of not-young but not-deterred clog dancers, seemed like every image of a state fair rolled into one.

8. The crowds were never heavy, and traffic/parking was easy.

I only rode one ride, the giant ferris wheel, as I felt I have had enough dizziness lately, but my wife and friend rode two or three others to get some ride fun in. I got a bit tired at one point after we got lost despite our map in the fairgrounds, after having stayed up too late Friday night bbbbbbbbbbbbbwatching "Definitely, Maybe" (a film I have seen muliple times) on television, but a mid-morning Diet Coke coupled with the Greyhound Museum cheered me up. After the fair, I watched my alma matter fritter away a lead in a football game, losing in overtime, which reminded me that life sometimes happens this was. I went to bed early, and am ready to face the day.

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