Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

echo and the saltyman

I like the way the way that an echocardiogram features great visuals of sonic events. It was like a light show of curious electronica music. I also think that the sonographer fills a cool skilled position. When the doctor advised me that my readings proved pretty normal, that checked off one worry from the list. The doctor turned out to be professional and articulate, which more than made up for the mild delay between echocardiogram and diagnosis. I left with instructions to drink more water, eat more salt, and rise carefully in the future. This constituted a nearly-ideal visit result. The doctor set me a follow-up in three months, but with the proviso that non-recurrence of the condition justifies cancellation of the appointment.

I got confirmation of something I suspected. In 2012, I experienced a great deal of
this dizziness-when-rising (which bears the fancy name "orthostatic hypotension") back. It stopped when I stopped a medication. I learned today via the internet and then, independently, from the doctor, that the medicine I took then (but do not need now) has a side effect of increasing one's susceptibility. Hence, when I stopped taking that medicine it was natural that the condition faded.

Today "no news is good news". I did miss most of the afternoon's work, but was able to return to my office in time to get some things done. All told, color me relieved.
I did not even mind when the bluebirds in the park proved difficult to photograph.

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